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Baking / Delegation Service of Tezos

together we bake Tacos ūüôā

TzBakery, your Backery - We BAKE you MAKE

Backing without risk
With TzBakery baking is fun! We don’t bake bread – we bake XTZ!
You can buy them as example on and start trading Tezos  for BTC. 
When you bake with us:
  • You have always control over your Tezos Coins
  • When you bake with us, you get on of the best Return On Investment (ROI) of all Nodes
  • You have a team with a lot of experience

Check our Service on TzScan

All you need to to is to copy our Delegation address into your KT1 Wallet. Add the KT1 address on your or Wallet.
Now you’re ready – let’s go and bake Tezos

Delegation Address: tz1cX93Q3KsiTADpCC4f12TBvAmS5tw7CW19

please contact¬†us before delegating with us! We’re not asking for privat informations. For the safety of all delegators we like to have a contact. Also we don’t pay random delegators!

Tezos Baking

Every third day is a payday!

How you get payed

As soon the rewards are unlooked by the Tezos Blockchain, you get payed
Attention:¬†The rewards are blocked for 11 cycles into the blockchain. The first rewards are coming after 33 days. Contact us and we give you further informations. We’re active on¬†Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and also via mail (tezos-tzbakery(at)


tezos baking rewards

baking rewards

With TzBakery you can choose the fees!


The normal fee to participate on a Delegations Service is around 8-12%.
Some are lower, be careful that this is not a tricky offer. Some service go down to 4% and after they race it massiv.

Our normal fee is 10%

Bond Pool Bonus

TzBakery is growing strong! On each node must be a deposit from 12-15% of the delegations amount! It calls bond and it’s made for the security. If the amount is to small the node will be overdelegated and will miss blocks. That means, we are searching constantly partners!
The Return on Investment of the Bond Pool Bonis is at the moment between 15-20%! The normal RIO is 7.5%.

Run your own Node

We have the technology – you have the access!

A example of one partner of us! He was delegating with 100k Tezos. He got about 50-70 XTZ each cycle as a reward. We set up a node for him and he could place his XTZ as bonds on the node. Meanwhile over 750k XTZ are baking with him and the node is producing each cycle around 400-500 XTZ. From the fees he get each cycle around 30 extra XTZ. These are 300 XTZ each month. A sweet thing for that absolutely no technical knowledge is needed!

TzBakery, the best service of the Tezos Blockchain?


TzBakery is baking form the first day! Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is working with the blockchain technology for. It is not a coincidence that ore nodes are leading on several levels.


No other node on the Tezos Blockchain brings better results as the node of TzBakery.
Watch the details below.

Know How

TzBakery started as a investment group in USA. Meanwhile members are distributed around the world! Technical freaks, traders or crypto lover / investors met each other in the bakery of TzBakery!


Crypto is for a lot of people still a new thing. Our Team, or¬†more precisely the TzBakery family ¬†is always helping each other. A lot of interesting talks about crypto, sea doo parties and so on happen daily ūüôā


On you can find all official nodes of the Tezos Blockchain. Since cycle 7 Рthe first overall . the node of TzBakery is listet as one of the most efficient. The Screenshot is made in march 19, the our node is leading the list for month.

tezos blockchain bitcoin ethereum krypto crypto kryptowährung  tzbakery cryptocurrency
Return On Investment 7.34%

Where you can find a ROI over 7% today? Additionally the growing future of the crypto market. Experts are sure until 2030 will be around 5% of the industriell money invested into the crypto market. Watch the graphic to see how small the amount is right now.

Baking since Cycle 7

The node from TzBakery is participating since the very first possible cycle on the blockchain of Tezos (cycle 7). It’s a small circle of eight bakers who get rewards since the very beginning! We call the rewards Tacos – we don’t bake bread, we bake Tacos ūüôā

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