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Tezos Delegation Service

How to choose the right baker?

Generate passive income with a Tezos Delegation Service

Participate on the Tezos Blockchain and get rewarded by a Tezos Delegation Service

TzBakery – a Tezos Delegation Service. The Cryptocurrency has a lot of attribute to be one of the leading and most used coins in future. One of them is the possibility for everyone to join a Delegation Service. To stake or bake with other coins are mostly a lot of technical skills needed to get rewards. With Tezos everyone can participate and the incredible thing is, it’s done with a few clicks! Read more on the page how baking on the Tezos Blockchain works.

Mining is past - to delegate is the future!

Tezos Delegations Service Tzbakery

The Delegation Service of TzBakery

Delegation Service - welches ist der Richtige?

The Tezos Coin is still very young, but the network is extremely aktive and there are a lot of baker and delegation services to join.

Watch out for a few points!

It’s needed that you can contact the service easily. The communication for further question is important. It’s a service, you pay fees so it is the duty of the service to support his delegators.

It’s a benefit when everything looks professional. That means the service want to stay for longtime.

The most important point. Watch that the Delegation Service is not overdelegated. On you’ll find all public services. If the bar is red the delegation service is overdelegated. This is a bad thing. Blocks will be missed and the rewards will get lower.

Last not but least. Compare the performance of each bakery. Check you service and you will see what you need to look for! TzBakery

Tezos Delegation Service
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