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Baking Tezos

Interesting rewards are waiting for you

participate on the Tezos Blockchain and you'll get payed for it

Through baking you participate on the Tezos Blockchain and you'll get interesting rewards

Start printing money today

Baking is one of the main reasons why it’s so interesting to participate on the Tezos Blockchain. Not other currency makes it so easy to get rewarded. The 3. generation of Blockchain is Tezos! Baking is well known as staking. But our currency is on several levels different then the most other players. Every user can choose a bakery and it’s done in a few clicks to build up passive income. Through the participation on the Tezos Blockchain you will bake tacos – how we call them with love. Of course you don’t get tacos, you’ll earn XTZ – the currency of Tezos.  The awesome thing – every user is in control anytime about his coins. No technical knowledge is needed. The new technology of Tezos is calles Liquid Proof of Stake (LPOS). How you can start baking with one of the leading Tezos Delegation Service you find out here. TzBakery

Baking - How does it work?

– Baking address of TzBakery: tz1cX93Q3KsiTADpCC4f12TBvAmS5tw7CW19
– Watch our node results on
– Choose a wallet to delegate:
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Baking Service Tezos

Watch out for a exchanger on Coinmarketcap ( or Kraken) and buy your Tezos (XTZ)


Trans fair your coins to your chosen wallet.

KT1 Account

Create in your wallet a KT1 address – you’ll need it to delegate

Start Baking

Choose Tz Bakery out of the lost or put the Node address into your KT1 Wallet: tz1cX93Q3KsiTADpCC4f12TBvAmS5tw7CW19
Important: please contact us. We don’t need any private informations. But to protect our delegators we like to have a contact. The easiest way is the private Messenger Telegram

How Baking / Delegating is working - video explanation

step by step guide

Watch the Video below to get all steps from buying Tezos to get finally rewarded for you participation on the Tezos Blockchain.
The TzBakery will help you anytime if there are further questions. Watch our offer we have to get more rewards than a normal delegator.

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