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the Future of Blockchain

the Coin for Smart-Contracts and decentralized applications

Tezos - the decentralized Blockchain! Thanks to the technology, the coin has revolutionary properties.

The Tezos Blockchain is the decentralized platform for Smart Contracts and applications. It is energy saving, adaptable and offers a high security! Read on to learn how Baking or Delegation to a bakery can change your finances and why TzBakery is among the best in the entire Tezos Blockchain!


The Tezos Foundation supports developers worldwide to improve the protocol. Consequently, only the users can decide whether and which change will be integrated.


The Tezos protocol offers an integrated process. This allows stakeholders to manage the protocol efficiently. Future innovations will be implemented easily.


Tezos‘ unique mechanism gives each stakeholder the opportunity to participate in the validation of transactions on the network and, as a result, be rewarded by the protocol. Interesting returns are waiting for each user!

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The Tezos blockchain was designed to facilitate formal verification, which helps secure smart contracts and avoid buggy code.

Energy Saving

Thanks to the intelligent blockchain solution, Tezos uses much less power than Bitcoin, for example. With other words, LOPS is the future and Tezos the leading cryptocurrency with this technology.

Why is Tezos the best blockchain?

On-Chain Governance


Maybe the main reason why it pays off to become part of the community. If you are interested, under Baking you will learn all the details.

With other Coin such as Bitcoin and Ethereum it can come again and again to Hard Forks. This means that the entire network splits. As a result it brings many uncertainties. For Dapps applications, this also entails various risks.

Tezos‘ on-chain governance can not lead to any separation, so the protocol is updated internally. For example, a developer may suggest an update. Afterward it will be voted on. If the proposal is accepted at 80%, the process comes in a three-month test phase. If this is successful, there will be a final vote. Only when this is accepted, the update is finally implemented.

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User Friendliness
tezos smart contract

Smart Contracts

Aufgrund der Technologie ist die Blockchain von Tezos wie Ethereum und einige andere Kryptowährungen für die Abwicklung von Smart Contracts zuständig. Dabei geht es bei dieser Art von Verträgen somit um digitale Verträge. Smart Contracts sind in Zukunft in diverse Branchen nicht mehr wegzudenken. Viele Abläufe werden also dadurch revolutionieren.
Smart Contract könnten zum Beispiel in folgenden Branchen entsprechen eingesetzt werden:

Kfz-Versicherung, Versandhandel, Parkplatz-Nutzung,  Kauf von Land und Grundstücken, Autoleasing, Beglaubigungen

Liquid Proof of Stake (LPOS)

  • Liquid Proof of Stake (LPOS)

    Der Tezos Coin basiert auf der Liquid Proof of Stake Technologie (LPOS). Diese bringt viele Vorteile mit sich. Bitcoin produziert durch das Mining (Proof of Work) enorm viel Strom. Da die Erträge über die Anzahl an Leistung generiert werden. Dies ist aus ökologischer Sicht keine optimale Lösung.
    Zum einen wird bei den POS (Proof of Stake), DPOS (Delegation Proof of Stake) und eben dem LPOS Lösungen die Belohnungen durch die Einlagen (Coins) generiert. Zum andern ist der Coin-Besitzer jederzeit liquid und hat volle Kontrolle über seine Coins.

    Erfahre mehr über den Tezos Delegation Service und wie du passives Einkommen generierst

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