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Delegation services for Tezos blockchain

about our Bakery - why Bake with TzBakery?

– Tzbakery has a High efficiency / High uptime / High rewards

Our Tezos Nodes are among the highest rated in the world! When it comes to uptime, efficiency, ROI, and overall Luck we’ve been steadily rated in the top tier since day 1.  All of our nodes are ranked top 90+% percentile – our newest 98% percentile. TzBakery is a good choice!

– Dedicated Bond / Safely Bake / Peace of Mind

Never worry about your rewards being cut do to over-delegation or bond mismanagement.  When you are assigned a node to bake and set bond is allocated to you.  We’ve baked since the very first cycle and still never missed a single block to do inadequate bonds.

– Bond Pool / Bond Operator / Earning options

Want to earn extra and become a Bond member of TzBakery? Add and track your bond allocation separately and watch it earn and at much higher rate.  Bring enough and launch our next private node – control your own keys!


Tezos Delegation Service

– Personal Care / Message us Direct!

We’ve personally spoken with all of our members, and always available via DM to answer any questions you might have from wallet, rewards, cycles/snapshots, and specific questions for your Delegation ServiceTzBakery is always around

TzBakery Delegation Service– TzBakery Community / Member Telegram Channel <3

We have one of the best private member channels on Telegram!  More than 100 members large with a great group of Tezos loving crypto enthusiasts.  You can get most of your generic questions answered here as everyone is very helpful.  Share you opinions with others, TA, portfolio planning or just your favorite gifs 😀  Find all the latest news in one place as we all like to share what we find.

– Payouts every cycle / 100% rewards shared / 10% fee

Scripted payouts occur at the start of every cycle!  TzBakery share EVERYTHING – All rewards earned each cycle (yes, even TX fees our nodes collect – at a very fair 10% fee.  We will never raise our fees. We have pledged to bake for 5 years before making any decisions.. stay for awhile and lets plan the future together

How does it work?

How to Delegat Tezos

Delegate to TzBakery


Join us!  Simply contact me via email, Twitter, or preferred method – Telegram (@TzBakery90).  We have a minimum delegation requirement of 2000xtz.  Our legacy node has been baking since the very first cycle!  But – our private nodes give us greater control on membership and bond cost.  Once you contact us you will be given one of our private node addresses to delegate with.  This is most beneficial to everyone!  

  Private nodes?

Simple.  With additional nodes we accomplish a few goals..  While it’s not sexy to have a private node address (and we don’t spam or register with rating sites, no unique tzscan entry, etc), we can protect our members delegations – no random bakers joining to skew our bond.  We can allocate dedicated bond for long term and safe baking.. And most importantly, we help decentralize the network further!

  Are you a random?

Did you delegate to our legacy node without contacting us?  Want to claim your full reward and membership – stop missing out on our community chat and cast your vote on upcoming proposals!  Just contact me!  You may be asked to update your delegation address to one of our other nodes – but don’t worry, your rewards will activate and you won’t miss a single cycle payout – remember, I run all the nodes!  So don’t wait any longer.

User Friendliness
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